About Company

       Leeco  Transmission  is in the business of servicing and rebuilding automotive transmissions, clutches and transfer cases for the general motoring public and for other businesses.

       Leeco  Transmission  also provides general automotive services as a convenience for their customer. This full service transmission rebuilding facility was founded in 1983 and has steadily grown to its present position of one of dominant strength within the community. The company has established a strong base of customers through its professional staff, its impeccable reputation and its firm commitment to customer  service.

        Collectively, this has not only led to a history of annual profits, but furthermore, it has led to LMr.Leeeeco Transmission  being the most recommended, successful transmission rebuilding center in the community.

Leeco Transmission 11743 E. Valley Blvd., El Monte, CA 91732
Office phone: (626) 452-1204/ (626) 443-0034    Fax: (626) 443-7473

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